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Nick Corbin & The Hang Ups - Feelin' Kinda Lucky / Time Alone 7" Single

Nick Corbin & The Hang Ups - Feelin' Kinda Lucky / Time Alone 7" Single

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RELEASE DATE: 20th October 2023

A side - Feelin' Kinda Lucky
B side - Time Alone


‘Feelin’ Kinda Lucky’ and 'Time Alone' are the first of two recordings from Nick Corbin & The Hang Ups, recorded direct to tape at Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’ Durham Sound Studio. This collaboration with his touring band brings a raw edge to proceedings; a self-produced gem capturing all the energy of live performance in the studio.

Corbin says “‘Feelin’ Kinda Lucky’ is about waking up and feeling as though all is right in the world. You don’t know why or how but you carry that energy and satisfaction through the day. We tried to capture that with the musical arrangement too - there are these breaks throughout that build anticipation about the next section, culminating in a raucous outro, where we intentionally sped up, taking advantage of the freedom the analogue recording process gave us.”

“I had recorded at Durham Sound with Phono 48 a couple of years before and knew we could get a sound reminiscent of the Muscle Shoals studio, particularly with the rhythm section. Combining that with a few other Soul, Jazz and even Americana influences from the other guys in the band has given us a really refreshing mix
of old and new – we hope people will find it an uplifting song to listen to!”

Lyrically, ‘Time Alone’ craves for physical connection and to be free from the shackles of modern technology and the constant availability it brings: ‘I just want to be with you, dance around our living room/no distractions, no intrusions, turn the lights down low and lose ourselves…’ This cosy imagery is complemented by the analogue warmth of the production, punctuated by Memphis-style horns and tasteful guitar licks.

Both tracks make for a fantastic limited edition 45, with beautiful photographic sleeve shot by Dean Chalkley.

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